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Employer Response to September 11 Tragedy

A - B    F - L    M - S    T - Y

Cantor Fitzgerald $1,000,000 donated to a fund to aid families
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Since Tues, Sept 11th, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young has:
- Established a NY-based swat team to account for all NY-based employees and those known to be on engagements to NY or flying at the time; all offices verified safety of all employees within 48 hours
- Established a national hotline for employees to get information on any issue
- Closed all high rise offices on 9/11
- Found emergency housing for all displaced NY employees and their families, at company expense
- Opened NY offices for use by affected companies (clients and non-clients) and offered assistance with infrastructure rebuilding (staff, equipment, expertise)
- Sent LifeWorks' provided info sheets to all staff with instructions to forward them and use as needed; Infosheets (especially how to talk to children about a traumatic event) were shared with schools and parent groups, scouting troops and others in community outreach
- Arranged daily on-site counseling for NY employees for that week and CISDs for the following week Did multiple CISDs in other cities across the country, including Washington, DC, McLean, VA, Chicago, Houston and LA
- Voice and emails from CEO and CPO gave regular updates on what we knew about our people and encouraged tolerance and respect for all our diverse employees
- Email from General Counsel reminded employees of Respect at Work policy and need to maintain that respect in our workplace
- Established CGE&Y; Cares fund to match employee contributions (in some cities, already matched by executives in that city) to the American Red Cross, the New York State World Trade Center Relief Fund and the Community Foundation Survivors Fund up to Oct 5 (no cap)
- NY office established a remembrance book, capturing all the efforts made by our people to help each other and strangers the week of Sept. 11
- NY office diversity team sent email and is arranging in-person discussion groups to help educate the office about harassment or discrimination against employees or their families and identify best practices to proactively address the issue in the office, at the engagement, while traveling and at home or in the community.
- NY team best practices and additional materials on fighting discrimination and harassment will be shared with all staff in upcoming national communication
- Establishing a discussion forum to share best practices in maintaining civility and respect both inside and outside the workplace
Caterpillar Supply machines, power generators, workboots & apparel to relief workers; Match employee donations
Ceridian - Ceridian LifeWorks services set up a command center in Fort Lee, NJ to provide on-site critical incident counseling (CISD).
- Delivered hundreds of CISD consults to clients as well as Ceridian employees based in New York and at service delivery centers.
- Compiled and made available a comprehensive list of emergency numbers at a time when these were difficult to identify.
- Developed, distributed, and made available online a number of new articles developed specifically for the tragedy. New materials included how to deal with trauma and grief, talk with children, cope with fears, get back to work, and deal with issues related to troop deployment. These materials have been made available to the general public on our external Web site, and we are encouraging our customers to share them with a broader audience.
- Located emergency housing for individuals in New York in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy.
- Found alternative transportation for people when planes were grounded and train and bus service was curtailed.
- Helped people find back-up child care and elder care services when they could not return as planned from business trips
- Installed U.S. flagpoles and flags at all Ceridian service delivery centers.
ChevronTexaco Corp. $5,000,000 pledged to government relief agencies
CIGNA - Donating up to $1.3 million from the CIGNA Foundation to aid the recovery efforts, the victims and their families, including:
- a $500,000 grant to the New York City Public/Private Initiatives for the survivors of emergency rescue personnel who died in the collapse of the World Trade Center.
- a $500,000 grant to the September 11 Fund.
- up to $300,000 in matching funds for employee gifts.
- Coordination of blood collections across the country by the American Red Cross at CIGNA facilities.
- Relaxing the requirements of our "Grants for Givers" program so that any employee who volunteers for the relief efforts will earn a $100 grant on behalf of the non-profit organization with whom they volunteer.
- Offering both office space and furniture to affected customers in areas where CIGNA facilities are available.
- Other "in kind" support to rescue workers in New York City.
Cisco Systems $6,000,000 pledge to relief effort; Part of consortium of Internet industry leaders that established the American Liberty Partnership
Citigroup $15,000,000 for a scholarship fund for victims children
Clear Channel Worldwide Established relief fund attracting "music group" donations
CNH Global NV Rushed excavators, backhoes, and other machinery to NYC to clear debris
Coca-Cola $12,000,000 donated to relief efforts
Compaq Computer Corporation $250,000 pledged to relief organizations
ConAgra - We are a major sponsor of the American Red Cross and have directed our annual funds to the New York recovery effort. $200,000 is on its way to New York.
- We have offered our ConAgra Foods tractor/trailer mobile kitchen and food to aid in feeding the recovery volunteers and workers in New York.
- We have directed food contributions to our customers whose stores serve the people who live in the affected areas.
Corning Incorporated $100,000 donated to relief efforts
Costco Wholesale - Service and Supply Support: In New York, donated supplies to emergency workers, including dog food for the search and rescue dogs, socks, underwear, blankets, food, pillows, medical supplies, and gloves, and cases of water. In Pentagon City, set up a makeshift food shelter, feeding relief workers pizzas and other food and water -- between 500 and 700 people Sept. 11; Also set up a Red Cross "shopping center," with relief groups able to purchase large quantities of food for volunteers and emergency crews - up to 1,000 meals worth, three times a day.
- Financial Support: $1,000,000 donated to the New York World Trade Center Relief Fund and an additional $100,000 to support the families of those lost at the Pentagon; Each U.S. and Canadian warehouse has been taking donations at the cash registers via a special item number. Together with donations from our employees in home and regional offices, to date we have raised over 1.88 million dollars and we are sending a check to the Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund each week. This is in addition to cash collected in Plexiglas bins at each building.
- Employee Support: To provide emotional assistance to our employees at this time, we have brought EAP counselors to those buildings closest to the disasters. We also have EAP articles posted on the company intranet to assist employees and their children to cope with the tragedy and its aftermath. Also on the intranet is information about employees' 401(k) programs in light of recent market developments.
DaimlerChrysler AG $10,000,000 donated to relief efforts
Deutsche Bank AG To assist disaster relief efforts after the tragic events of September 11, and to provide resources for future associated needs as they arise, Deutsche Bank has committed nearly $14 million in philanthropic support. In addition, employee donations to disaster relief organizations currently total $379,601, and are being matched dollar-for dollar by a corporate donation.
Domino's Supplied food to emergency workers; Match employee contributions
Dow To show support for the victims of this tragedy, the Dow Chemical Company Foundation is donating $1,000, 000 to various agencies, including the American Red Cross International Relief Fund, to be used to support relief workers and to help feed and shelter the many people who have been dislocated because of the attacks. The CEO launched a massive employee location effort to make sure all employees and their immediate family were located and safe.
Dupont - Donation of $5 million to assist the victims of the terrorist attack and their families. The funds will be primarily earmarked for the education of the children of firefighters, police officers and other uniformed emergency response personnel who lost their lives as a result of the attack. Another portion of the contribution will go to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to meet immediate needs in both New York City and Washington, D.C.
- DuPont also is giving the highest priority to producing materials and products used in disaster relief, recovery and rebuilding. Many of these products play a key role in the daily protection of firefighters, police officers and emergency personnel.
- Encouraging employees to make individual donations to their local chapters of the Red Cross, the Blood Bank and United Way, all of which have organized disaster relief efforts; Many DuPont sites across the nation are coordinating blood drives and other efforts in cooperation with local agencies.
eBay Auction for America - with goal to raise $100,000,000 in 100 days for September 11th Fund
Eddie Bauer -We switched our Global Relief Add a Dollar program to benefit the American Red Cross disaster relief. So far, this effort has raised more than $250,000 from customers and associates. In addition, our parent company is contributing $50,000 to the Red Cross.
-Our New York and New Jersey District Directors are responding to local efforts by contributing items of clothing.
-We are encouraging employees to give blood in October and November to their local blood banks, because blood banks have estimated that they will need more by then.
-Proceeds from our United Way fund raising efforts will be donated to the United Way's September 11th Fund. We have held two auctions and a mental marathon game toward this fund raiser.
-Our associates participated in a United Way "Day of Caring" last Friday. This translated into more than $67,000 worth of labor toward strengthening our community.
-We are providing crisis debriefings and extensive EAP support to our retail associates in the New York and Washington, D.C. areas
EDS $1,000,000 pledged for relief
EMMIS Communications Raised over $4,000,000 for relief efforts through Emmis's 23 radio and 15 television stations nationwide, including $127,000 for the EMMIS Relief Fund; Many of these media stations also broadcast emergency numbers and information
Enron Corp. $1,000,000 pledged for relief efforts
Entergy Corp. $500,000 donated to newly created fund The Power of America Fund for children of victims of attack
Ernst & Young - Beginning on Wednesday, Sept. 12, Ernst & Young provided daily counseling sessions in several cities, through its resource and referral program.
- Through the Ernst & Young Foundation, the firm has established a Disaster Relief fund, matching up to $2 million of employees' contributions, designed to provide financial assistance for relief efforts. The firm has also established drop-off points throughout its offices for donations of food, clothing and other supplies for the rescue workers.
- The firm has made its videoconferencing facilities available to employees to bring together those families who are separated, free of charge.
- Ernst & Young has created an internal website where employees are encouraged to share their stories related to the events of September 11. Also included on the website are articles that may be of help to people, including how to talk to your children about the tragedy and other ways of trying to deal with grief. The New York office is providing office space to clients who were affected by the tragedy, including those companies that physically lost their offices and is making its crisis and grief counselors available to clients. This office has also donated their holiday party funds to the 3 fire stations closest to their offices.
- Through our daily internal newsletter, the firm's leadership has voiced concern about the potential for ethnic and religious harassment. Telephone meetings are being set up for Ernst & Young employees who are concerned about harassment.
- The firm's leadership has asked its employees to halt all unnecessary travel plans and to participate in meetings via conference calls or videoconferencing services, so that our people can remain close to their families as much as possible.
- Ernst & Young plans to pay reservists called to active duty up to six months of paid leave. This is a special expansion from the usual four-week policy. The firm will also continue to subsidize their medical and/or dental premiums for up to a year.
Exelon Corp 500,000 donated to newly created The Power of America Fund for children of victims of attack
Expertcity Offered free use of its telework service to affected employees
Exxon Mobil $5,000,000 donated to relief organizations; Match employee donations 3-to-1

Since the September 11th disaster, Families and Work Institute has been collecting stories from the companies we work with concerning the efforts they have made to aid their employees, their communities and the ongoing relief activities. Additional information has been compiled from news sources and the Internet. We are proud to present this list of corporate responses to the September 11th attacks. We hope that you are inspired by the thoughtfulness and generosity of these corporations. The importance of the bond between workplace, family and community has never been more evident. Although we trust our sources, no attempt to verify the information has been made by FWI. Please notify us of any corrections that need to be made to the list by sending an e-mail to : [email protected].
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