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Employer Response to September 11 Tragedy

A - B    C - E    F - L   T - Y

McDonald's $1,000,000 plus an additional $1,000,000 donated from Ronald McDonald House; Donated tens of thousands of meals to relief and emergency workers
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia - All of us at Martha Stewart Living can be extremely proud of the response to our In-Company Charitable Giving Drive in support of victims' families relating to the September 11, 2020 disaster at the World Trade Center. Company-wide employee and friends donations amounted to a total of $73,975.00.
- Martha Stewart Living 's corporate donation is $50,000.00
- Martha Stewart Living's corporate matching program donation is $25,000.00
- Martha Stewart Family Trust's matching donation is $73,975.00 (Martha and Alexis Stewart)
Mellon Financial Corporation $100,000 donated to relief efforts
Merck - Dispatched emergency-services vehicles and supplies to help victims
- Rahway, NJ site sent fire trucks and an ambulance.
- Health-care professionals employed by Merck volunteered for duty.
- Merck-Medco responded to a call from Greenville Hospital in NJ, sending two trucks with silvadene (for burns), alcohol swabs and bags of dextrose and sodium chloride solutions.
- Volunteered use of company helicopters for the transport of emergency workers and injured, if needed.
- Organized blood drive at West Point and its satellites
- Set up emergency hotlines for Merck and Merck-Medco employees who need help in coping.
- Provided information on volunteering opportunities for employees through company newsletter.
- Committing $5 million to disaster relief and support of victims' families: $1 million to the American Red Cross, $1 million to The September 11th Fund, and $3 million in donations by Merck employees, plus the Merck match.
Merrill Lynch - $10,000,000; Match employee donations
- Extensive EAP coverage - 1:1 counseling and group sessions at all locations
- Financial assistance for additional housing/commuting expenses incurred by relocated employees; Childcare reimbursement for expenses in excess of the cost of an employee's existing arrangement up to a maximum of $400; Temporary housing for employees who lost housing south of Canal Street.
Metropolitan Opera $2,000,000 pledged to Twin Towers Fund, including proceeds from benefit show
Michelin Provided up to $250,000 in tires for emergency vehicles; Supplied a 24-hour service truck
Microsoft Corporation $10,000,000 in cash and technical services/equipment
The MONY Group (and Advest) - The MONY Group has made a $25,000 donation to the September 11 Fund. In addition, Advest, a MONY Group subsidiary, donated $10,000. MONY also is collecting employee contributions to the Fund. The MONY Foundation will match these gifts, as well as other employee gifts to relief efforts, up to $1,000 per donor.
- Through our Intranet site, the Corporate Social Policy has provided a variety of information including names and addresses of other organizations accepting donations, updates on donating blood and volunteer opportunities. We have provided online resources to help employees cope with the tragedy, as well as information to help children deal with the situation. MONY has also encouraged employees to use the Employee Assistance Program for counseling and offered open forums for employees to discuss the tragedy. Finally, MONY has provided office space to Advest, whose New York City offices were damaged in the attack.
- Plans are in place to continue to provide updated news and resources as they become available.
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. $10,000,000; Match employee contributions
New York Times Company Employee Support
- Kept employees informed with regular email, voicemail and public address system messages along with floor visits from senior management.
- Continuing to offer regular support workshops, one-on-one counseling and discussion groups through the Times's Employee Assistance Program .
- Provided employees with "Emotional First-Aid" literature
- Increased security efforts at all Times Company buildings
- Placed televisions at various locations, including the cafeteria, auitoriums and printing plants, in order to give employees access to media coverage
- Gave non-essential employees the option of staying at home on September 12
- Offered meals to Times newsroom staff during the week after September 11
- Provided accomodations for employees who were unable to return to their homes due to the tragedy or who stayed in Manhattan to produce the newspaper
- Made important updates available for employees on the Company Intranet site

Contributions to the WTC Relief Effort
- The New York Times Neediest Cases Fund established a campaign to collect contributions from the public to relieve the suffering of families struck by death or injury. Contributions to the campaign, which is called The New York Times 9/11 Neediest Fund, will be accepted through October 11 and then be allocated to the seven social service agencies and to three foundations representing the uniformed services and other emergency services. The campaign will be managed by The New York Times Company Foundation, which will cover all administrative costs.
- Also in response to last week's tragedy, The Times: Began donating 1000 copies of The New York Times daily to the Red Cross for relief workers
- Volunteered the use of five Times delivery trucks for relief efforts
- Launched clothing and supply drive for rescue workers
- Is providing work space for workers displaced by the World Trade Center tragedy
- Offering reprints of the Sept. 12, 2001 issue for sale to Times Company employees with proceeds going to the Times's 9/11 Neediest Cases Fund.
News Corp $1,000,000 plus $100,000 in a separate fund for the widow of one of its cameramen
Novartis $3,000,000 donated to relief organizations
Office Depot $250,000 donated to relief organizations
The Perrier Group Supplied rescue workers in Washington DC and in NYC with truckloads of bottled water
Pfizer - More than $10,000,000 plus medicinal products
- Ongoing group crisis management sessions as well as crisis management sessions in Pfizer's childcare centers to help parents and kids manage emotions and other issues related to the attack; Information on these, in addition to a full list of resources
- including educational documents, hotline numbers for emergencies, volunteering and donations, city agencies, travel, and emotional support and counseling, among others - are available via Pfizer's intranet site.
Philip Morris Cos. $10,000,000 donated plus 11 truckloads of food from Kraft and water from Miller Brewing Co.
Prudential Financial - The Prudential CARES Disaster Relief Fund has received over $200,000 in donations from associates to date, which will be matched by the Prudential Foundation. Prudential Financial is extremely proud of its employees, who have helped with everything from volunteering at "ground zero" to collecting food and money.
- In addition to matching employee gifts, the Prudential Foundation will be making a $5 million grant toward disaster relief in response to the tragedy. $3 million will be directed to the American Red Cross and $2 million will be allocated to aid New York City in rebuilding.
- Prudential Financial has donated space in New York City and in Newark, NJ to companies that have been displaced due to the crisis.
- Prudential Financial and its employees are prepared to respond to the needs of its customers during this difficult time. The company intends to use its financial resources to meet its obligations to policyholders in full. A team of employees is on site at New York City's Family Assistance Center to help family members with their questions and claims. Prudential has also established dedicated toll-free numbers to expedite the handling of claims related to the recent tragedy.
- Prudential Financial is providing an array of resources for employees and their families who may be experiencing personal, family or work-related difficulties. Counseling and referral services are available 24 hours a day through Prudential's EAP vendor, FEI Behavioral Health. In addition, Prudential's in-house mental health professionals have been conducting sessions with impacted employees, and have designed a training session on coping with grief to be rolled out company-wide. Prudential's Work/Life Resources intranet site has been updated to include guidance from LifeWorks and Bright Horizons to help employees and their children in dealing with the tragedy.
- Prudential Financial is offering enhanced benefits for employees who have been called to active duty as a result of the current crisis.
RBC Financial Group $1,000,000 donated to relief efforts
The Roche Group $3,000,000 in financial support, emergency assistance, medical and other supplies donated to relief efforts
SAP AG $3,000,000 donated to help victims and their families; Offering free consulting services on information-technology to affected businesses and agencies
Screen Actors Guild $50,000 donated to relief efforts
Sears, Roebuck and Co. - Sears relief efforts total more than $3.58 million: $1 million pledge by Sears (to be divided among American Red Cross, September 11 Fund and Gifts In-Kind International); $1.58 million raised through the cash register donations programs; and $1 million through Sears Canada.
- Sears planned to accept contributions at its stores through October 11; On Wednesday, September 12, Sears began accepting donations by cash, Sears Gift Cards, checks or Sears Cards at cash registers at all Sears full-line stores, Sears hardware stores, Orchard Supply Hardware stores, Sears Dealer stores, Sears Outlet Stores, The Great Indoors and other Sears facilities.
- Sears has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of merchandise to assist the emergency response workers at ground zero, some of it contributed directly by Sears stores along the East Coast. Donated merchandise includes steel-toed work boots, work gloves, flashlights with replacement batteries, respirator masks, respirators with replacement filers, pairs of goggles and five-gallon buckets.
- Sears customers and employees in Puerto Rico immediately rallied to support relief efforts, starting a special campaign to raise funds for the relief efforts. In addition to placing newspaper ads promoting the campaign, Sears stores are working with their local communities by collecting donations from customers and employees. They expect to raise approximately $300,000.
- Sears stores in Canada have placed newspaper and radio ads encouraging Canadians to donate to the Red Cross at Sears Canada and Eatons stores. Sears Canada has pledged to match these donations up to their goal of $200,000.
Shell Oil Company $5,000,000 donated to relief efforts
Siemens $2,000,000 donated to relief efforts
Sony Corp. $4,000,000 pledged to relief efforts
Soundview Technology Group, Inc. Raised over $5,000,000 to help victim's families as a result of an inventive initiative to donate all trading revenues and commissions earned on Thursday, September 20 to the WTC relief efforts
Starbucks Coffee Company $1,000,000 donated to relief efforts
State Farm Insurance - $1,000,000 donated to the National Red Cross
- All State Farm Associates were allowed and encouraged to leave work during Friday's lunch hour in support of the President's proclaimed "National Day of Prayer and Remembrance" to attend whatever services they so chose.
- Donated all regular State Farm radio advertising time for the week of Sept 17 to the Red Cross
- Encouraged all employees to give blood with time off to do so
- Set up voluntary financial contribution centers at most State Farm locations to collect money for the Red Cross; State Farm is matching all associate donations, plus adding $5,000 to the total of each collection location
- Mobilized our claims force immediately and have positioned them just outside the barricaded area in lower Manhattan, to provide help to our customers
Steelcase - Contributed to not-for-profit agencies involved in the effort through the Steelcase Foundation, including an additional $1 million over three years to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. The Foundation is partially funded through corporate profits.
- Held Blood drives at a number of U.S. company sites
- Communicated to employees the availability of our in-house Counseling Department and their ability to refer folks to community-based counseling sites across the US
- Ongoing communication and assistance for employees stranded due to grounded flights.
Supervalu - The SUPERVALU Foundation has given $25,000 to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund on behalf of our employees. Since then, we have heard from many employees across the country who wanted a personal way to express unity and support.
- In this spirit, SUPERVALU will hold a company-wide "Red, White and Blue Day" on Friday, Sept. 21. I encourage all of our employees to wear something red, white and blue (jeans are allowed) in a show of support and also to make a donation in the amount of their choice on that day.
- The SUPERVALU Foundation will match up to $50,000 in employee donations, in addition to the $25,000 gift mentioned above.

Since the September 11th disaster, Families and Work Institute has been collecting stories from the companies we work with concerning the efforts they have made to aid their employees, their communities and the ongoing relief activities. Additional information has been compiled from news sources and the Internet. We are proud to present this list of corporate responses to the September 11th attacks. We hope that you are inspired by the thoughtfulness and generosity of these corporations. The importance of the bond between workplace, family and community has never been more evident. Although we trust our sources, no attempt to verify the information has been made by FWI. Please notify us of any corrections that need to be made to the list by sending an e-mail to : [email protected].
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